10pcs 5mm 5 Color Water Clear Round LED Diodes Assortment DIY Light

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Color Diameter Wavelength(nm) (if=20mA) Voltage(V) (If=20mA) MCD (If=20mA) Power angle (deg) Lens color
Red 5mm 615-625 1.8-2.3 4000-5000 10 Clear
Yellow 5mm 587-595 1.8-2.3 4000-5000 10 Clear
Green 5mm 515-520 2.8-3.6 12000-14000 10 Clear
White 5mm 6000-6500k 2.8-3.6 16000-20000 10 Clear
Blue 5mm 460-465 2.8-3.6 5000-6000 10 Clear

Feature: Color: White Yellow Red Blue Green Convenient for DIY and repair equipment and electrical appliances Perfect use for home, office and industry electrical equipment and electrical appliances Diameter:5mm Light angle:120° Style:Round top led

Package included: 10PCS 5mm LED Round Diodes DIY Lamp

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