720P P2P WIFI CCTV HD Wireless High-Definition Surveillance Camera Recorder

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Free wiring, easy to install! Wireless automatic connection, without debugging, power is used! IP66 professional waterproof, outdoor monitoring more stable!


Pixels: 1 million (dpi) Image sensor: CMOS Horizontal resolution: 720 (TVL) Minimum illumination: 0.001 (Lux) Resolution: 720p Lens: 3.6 (mm) Signal to noise ratio:> 48 (db) Working temperature: -10-50 (?) Backlight compensation: Auto Size: 1/3 (inches) Power supply voltage: 12 (V) Electronic Shutter: 1/30 to 1/10000 sec Material: Aluminum alloy Use of the environment: indoor and outdoor Effective distance: 30 meters Infrared light irradiation distance: 10 meters


Package includes:

1 box of Monitoring Equipment

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